About us

Yacht Luxury Style produces and sells exclusive, high technological and design accessories all around the world. It offers innovative high quality products certificated and tested, in fact most of them are already patented.
All our accessories are made in Italy as we take advantage of Italian certified providers and Italian qualified specialists in quality control.

Our Story

Yacht Luxury Style was born to supply and satisfy all the needs of a high level customer base, due to the fact that the current market of shipbuilding business needs more and more technological, original and resistant products. All the accessories we provide are created and tested both in marine environment and in adverse conditions, such as extreme temperatures.
As we are constantly in search of the excellence, technology, design and durability must form the basis of a sophisticated product, and besides, well finished in every detail.
In order to develop and test new ideas and solutions, our team carries on studying and planning more and more innovative and groundbreaking systems for your necessities.